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Q1 - How is plastic wood assembled?
  • With coach screws or bolts and chipboard screws.
Q2 - How can I cut plastic wood?
  • You can use normal woodworking tools.
Q3 - Is plastic wood heavier than pine wood?
  • Yes it is a denser material.
Q4 - What maintenance needs to be done on plastic wood?
  • Just cleaning with a brush and hose.
Q5 - Will the color fade after a period of time?
  • There will be a little fading after a few years, but can be restored.
Q6 - Is plastic wood hollow?
  • No it is a solid plank or pole.
Q7 - Will chemical spills damage the plastic wood?
  • Plastic wood is impervious to most chemicals, oils.
Q8 - Is plastic wood slippery when wet?
  • No, it is slip resistant due to a textured finish.


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