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Wood Look Alike . Life Guarantee Maintenance Free . Recycled

Epic Design chair
Epic Design’s flexible “wood look-alike” products are a growing trend.

When considering outdoor furniture, whether it be walkways, bridges, jungle gyms, shelving, planter boxes, garden edging etc., you may find yourself considering various alternatives. Chances are that you might move towards products manufactured from conventional materials such as wood, metal and cardboard.

However, Epic’s flexible designs have become increasingly more popular in recent years, due to the fact that their wood look-alike products offer the desired aesthetics, are maintenance-free and are guaranteed for life.

Each product that Epic Design manufactures absorbs packaging waste, which so many of our environmentally conscious households are separating for recycling. This means that every time you buy an Epic Design, you get to see the results of your contribution to the much needed reduction in plastic packaging waste that ends up in our country’s landfills.


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